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I would regale you with the story of how, when I was a new resident over seven years ago, I relied on Fab Free to find great items to pick up, how I would eventually come to idolize Love to an embarrassing extent, how I revered Carson when he was a male blogger here, and how much I wanted to emulate them both.Now tomorrow is a brand new day and I bet we can all get it to lock down at least one more time.A blog designed for those looking to find good freebies, or close to free items, bargains, and awsome deals, in the Virtual World of SECOND LIFE.While my feelings towards Fab Free have not, I do need to step away from my dream job here in order to focus on other matters at hand.My inventory is completely out of control, and when I find a good freebie, my inner noob straps on his freenis and parties like its 2009.

These black jeans are part of the Urban Conrad outfit from Pekas.The new TSL will, as it always had serve the residents of Second Life as a resource for freebies and bargains.

Fashion + Freebies for Men: ready for the day! - is a Second Life Fashion Blog run by resident Strawberry Singh.

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Fabulously Free in SL is a long-standing and popular freebie blog.

Take a look at these newcomer-friendly spots filled with freebies.Although it does bear a good amount of logo-ing on its texture, it is a very well made Mesh robe.Included in the 13L box are two skin tones (Cotton and Taupe) with three variations of facial hair for each.I am also wearing the Gothic Link Bracelet and the Gothic Silver Skull Rings from Exquisite Jewelry.The hoodie is Mesh, and the shorts and bathing suit (also included with the outfit) are on system layers in both wet and dry variations.

Explore fifteen floors and over 3,000 free items in this freebie mega-sized complex.Surely there must be a better way to spend your time then reading the footnotes of a disclaimer.

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I hope to be able to post about some of the fun to be had on SL along with information about my favorite live performers.It is called the Beach Runner Outfit and would look just as great on a morning run by the ocean as it does in the gym.

This Scavenging Life springs from the mind of blogmonkey WHC Riler.These are the posts This Scavenging Life exists for in the first place and I will never abandon my mission to ferret out bargains and freebies wherever I can find them.Since the shorts are not Mesh they will fit under your Mesh hoodies and T-Shirts very nicely.I had not planned this but life is full of twists and turns, even a Second Life.The changes to This Scavenging Life will be considerable, partly because I will be more focused on fashion and partly because my SL has become a much more rich and enjoyable experience over these last few years.

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It all started nearly five years ago when as a noob unleashed in the world of Second Life, I went crazy grabbing every freebie I could find.Riler University, it turns out, has temporarily shuttered its windows I am sad to announce.A freebie and cheapie blog for the bargain hunters of Second Life, with the emphasis on the male residents but with something for everyone on SL.Seriously, if you are reading this far down the page you must be pretty bored.

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Also girls out there, us guys could use a hand closing this the next few days as well.

One of our favorite pastimes in Second Life is scouting the grid for fantastic hunts, sales, events and gifts from all the.

Well, I figure if I am ever gonna get that look, I want to make sure someone sees me wearing it.Another favorite item I picked up from the For Him Hunt was from Barefoot Apparel.Hey everyone the MM board at Tellaq has another great avatar set on it, this one named Moses.The board does require you to be in their free group to tap it, you can find the group joiner at the teleport landing point.Strawberry Singh is a Second Life blogger and social media enthusiast.I just began another adventure, this time joining the staff of Menstuff and I wanted to take a moment and introduce myself properly.

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Hunting for the best freebies, group gifts, lucky chairs and hunt items.

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A purple text body will indicate a post in the lifestyle category, one of the two new additions to This Scavenging Life along with added gacha content.Black Basketball Jersey - IAF Mens Hustle Jersey (Black and White).Second Life Freebies, Second Life Group Gift, Second Life Promotion, Second Life Hunts, SL Freebies, Second Life Events, Teleport Hub.Also a priority to me though on a personal front is how I can make money either in Second Life or outside of it despite being a world class goof-off however so I would expect to be adding some kind of additional blog to my resume as well shortly.The top resource on the web to download high quality, free PSD design resources for your web and print projects.The jersey alone would fit well in an urban street wear outfit, but KAD Designs gives you much more than that.

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